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Business Plans 
Planning to build a business without a business plan, is a plan to fail. Let us help you organize your plan into an easy to follow step-by-step plan for success using our exclusive template. You'll know that it is the right plan, when you can explain what you see on paper!

Grant Writing & Funds Development Team Building 
If your goal is to learn how to write grants as a business or improve your grant writing ability to raise funds for your for-profit or non-profit organization, you owe it to yourself to learn the innovative method that cuts your grant writing time in half. This method was developed by Barbara Wright,  an intuitive researcher and successful grant writer who now shares her exclusive system with other organizations through continuing education courses, community workshops and personalized organizational funds development consulting.  
Consulting  (In-Person, Online, & By Phone) 
Need an intuitive consultant to help you with selecting a college major, career or business that research predicts will grow faster than average?  Has your business idea or existing business become stagnant? Then schedule your in-person, online or phone conference today with Barbara Wright & receive prophetic inspiration and new visions that can help to take you or your business to the next level! You will be glad you did! 
Personalized Workshops 
We develop exclusive workshops that focus on all facets of business development. If you or your collaborative is in need of an intuitive and inspirational workshop that serves as a catapult to the next level, you want to consider Barbara Wright as your trainer!